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Are you preparing to found a social start-up? Has your organization grown in the past few years, creating a need for redefined structures and processes? Or are you a long serving head of an organization who needs new input for your leadership team? Of course, as a non-profit organization, you’re not looking for the average business consultancy.

My expertise is consultancy services with a deeper knowledge about the needs and goals of non-profit organizations. It would be my pleasure to help you!

Having worked in international processes and project management for many years, I have a strong familiarity with these processes and structures as well as different corporate management styles. However, I am fully aware that these concepts cannot simply be transferred to the work of non-profit organizations without looking closely at the particular group’s priorities and needs. I have, for years, been an activist myself, which gives me an even deeper understanding of the challenges you might be facing within your organization. My competencies, paired with my understanding of non-profit organizations, means I am able to offer professional consulting services that best fit your particular needs.

Why use consulting?

Non-profit organizations and social start-ups are an indispensable part of our society as they point out and fight social wrongs. Whether an organization promotes human rights, fights for the environment, or stands up for animal rights – to be successful, it needs to be efficient. Most organizations have the knowledge to achieve this; but they often look for support in defining adequate structures and processes.


Whether an organization’s concept resembles that of a medium sized company or a collective: when it comes to finding the right processes, both will face the same challenges as any commercial enterprise. As organizations grow in size, more and more questions about in-house business culture arise.

Leadership is a Skill

Nobody is born with natural management and leadership skills. But the good news is: Everyone can learn them. Non-profit organizations are often the result of the dedicated work of highly committed activists who have the necessary knowledge about the questions they deal with, but have often never learnt how to run a business.

What you will get

What you won’t get are random Powerpoint presentations that would quickly end up in your bottom drawer, or shiny management gimmicks. Because one-fits-all solutions will not bring about real, sustainable changes that your whole team will support. Together, we can find the best path for your organization and your employees.

Process and Organizational Consulting

Together, we will find the best structure for your organization, and define ideal processes to ensure smooth cooperation within your team.

Change Management

I will help you to increase your organization’s efficiency while strengthening your employer attractivity through happy employees.

Leadership Culture

I will support your executives and team members in new challenges and advise the board of directors on leadership and business culture.

Start-up Package

If you are founding a new initiative, I will guide you through all the issues and topics you will face during this exciting phase.

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About [ziel.gerecht]

My name is Andreas Setzer. 20 years of experience in international projects and leadership in an international company have nurtured my passion for processes, organization, and leadership issues.

I have been active in societal groups for many years, mainly in the animal rights movement where I have (co-)founded several initiatives and projects.

For each organization, I design customized and appropriate solutions, always in cooperation with your team and decision-makers. There are – especially in this field – no one-size-fits-all solutions.

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